Lemon Lime - a song about child sexual abuse

Asetha is a singer and songwriter that has also worked as a writer, knowledge mobilizer and research/policy analyst for many federal government initiatives related to homelessness and housing instability. She is most proud of her part in helping to create The Homeless Hub. She believes the website can be a catalyst for a major shift in how homelessness is understood and addressed.

Through both her professional and personal life, Asetha has come to understand that life can deliver unmanageable circumstances to anyone at any time. Through her music, Asetha wishes to convey the universal precariousness of life and the simple importance of taking care of ourselves and each other. To hear more of Asetha's music, or to purchase her CD "Child of Rhyme", please visit www.asethapower.com

I. A pretty little sister
On a porch worn with time
Sat smiling with her uncle
He called her lemon lime

He's the man
Though he was old
He would go
To the cages in her mind
To the places she would hide
Clean the mess off her gritty dress
Never get upset
Lemon Lime was loved the best
(did what he said)
(was all he had)

II. If she would keep his secret
He'd feed her sweetened wine
Curl her hair in flowers
Fill her head with lies

III. Nothing wasted in the silence
It never hurt to melt inside
Diluted with his poison
Silly strings replace her pride

Asetha Power - songwriting, vocals
Jason LaPrade - production, acoustic guitar, lapsteelMurray Foster - bass