What is the IGH Hub?

As part of our efforts to assist practitioners and decision makers to find and tailor effective practice, the IGH Hub aims to create a space where leaders across the world who are working to address homelessness, particularly among people experiencing multiple and severe disadvantage, can access resources to inform and shape their work. The IGH Hub seeks to connect practitioners, such as service providers or advocates; decision-makers, such as politicians or community leaders; researchers and academics; and people with expertise from lived experience to one another and to the best ideas and practice. To accommodate the wide variety of needs, the IGH Hub aggregates existing research in order to make it more readily available and accessible and to highlight where there are gaps in knowledge and more research is needed.

If you are currently experiencing homelessness and are looking for peer support, we recommend visiting We Are Visible. We do not have any direct service programs and as such will be unable to place individuals in housing; however, if you would like to submit resources, guidance, or a video, please do so here.

The development and design of the IGH Hub was done in partnership with the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness (COH), creators of the successful Canadian Homeless Hub

The IGH Hub is supported by grants from Lankelly Chase, the Maurice and Vivienne Wohl Philanthropic Foundation, and the Million Dollar Round Table Foundation.

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