Iswar Sankalpa: Experience with the Homeless Persons with Mental Illness

This is the story of an organization called Iswar Sankalpa, working with homeless persons with mental illness in the streets of Kolkata, a large metropolitan city in India. After discussing the issues of homeless persons with mental illness in general and describing briefly the current relevant situation in the city in the introduction, the write-up describes the birth of the organization, the ideas and ideals driving the work, and the ground-level method of work.

The aim is to develop alternatives in community care for the homeless persons with mental illness in a resource-poor context. At the end, the book discusses the new learnings and feasibility of replication of similar work in other situations.

Publication Date: 
Palgrave Macmillan UK
Ross G. White, Sumeet Jain, David M.R. Orr, Ursula M. Read