Improving Access to Psychosocial Interventions for Common Mental Health Problems in the United Kingdom: Narrative Review and Development of a Conceptual Model for Complex Interventions

In the United Kingdom and worldwide, there is significant policy interest in improving the quality of care for patients with mental health disorders and distress. Improving quality of care means addressing not only the effectiveness of interventions but also the issue of limited access to care. Research to date into improving access to mental health care has not been strongly rooted within a conceptual model, nor has it systematically identified the different elements of the patient journey from identification of illness to receipt of care.

This paper set out to review core concepts underlying patient access to mental health care, synthesize these to develop a conceptual model of access, and consider the implications of the model for the development and evaluation of interventions for groups with poor access to mental health care such as older people and ethnic minorities.

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BMC Health Services Research
United Kingdom