Development Policies for Eradication of Street Begging in Bangladesh

The purpose of this paper is to examine the situation of social exclusion of street beggar; this paper also examines the development policies for beggar in Bangladesh and to understand how the existing policies can protect street beggars’ right and how they could enjoy country’s currently available facilities. It explored the linkage between beggars’ right in Bangladesh and inclusion of street beggar in development policies to improve their situation, besides it is pointed the weakness of policies for not showing expected outcomes.

The data had been collected from an analytical review of available literature on street begging in Bangladesh along with government and international organizations reports regarding this matter. The findings of this work demonstrated less concentration about street begging in development policies for beggar, together with not covering all street begging in running projects.

This study also revealed that due to societal neglect, physically handicapped street beggars, in contrast to other categories of street beggars, have no option except to depend on other people for their daily bread. The analysis advocated microcredit or collateral free loan or qard e hasana and Zakat as the prior policy for them to ensure the fundamental rights as a human being in Bangladesh.

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Global Journals Inc.
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Global Journal of Human-Social Science Economics