Working Therapeutically with Mothers Who Experience the Trauma of Homelessness: An Opportunity for Growth

Homelessness is recognised to be a traumatic event in itself and is often preceded by the experience of violence. More recent research has indicated that homelessness can function to enact growth and resilience in women with dependent children. This review paper draws together findings from a series of studies involving women with dependent children who experience homelessness. It identifies key psychosocial and health priorities in this population and how findings related to resilience and growth can be harnessed in therapeutic work. Pragmatic service developments and examples of good practice in therapeutic and multi-agency interventions from the domestic violence and homelessness literature are described and recommendations are made for developing services and working therapeutically with marginalised and transient populations. Therapists need to work in a flexible and integrated way with other key services, so that the crisis and long term needs of this population are met.

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