Supported Lodgings

Supported Lodgings schemes provide young people with a room of their own in the home of a vetted and trained private household, with support to the ‘host’ household(er) and young person provided by a specialist organization. They are one form of ‘community hosting’ model, that utilize community assets to provide young people in need of accommodation with a home and support. Increasing interest in community hosting across the UK reflects interest in new and better forms of housing and support solutions in the context of challenging housing market contexts and sometimes unsuitable existing temporary and/or supported accommodation options for those in housing need. It also reflects an increasing awareness of the community resources – housing/space, time and willingness – available to better meet these needs.

This report considers the potential for Supported Lodgings to play an increased role in responses to youth homelessness in Scotland. Drawing on insights from existing practice and research literature, and primary qualitative research with sector experts across England and Scotland, existing and potential Supported Lodgings ‘hosts’, and young people with experience of homelessness themselves, it explores the opportunities and challenges associated with scaling Supported Lodgings in Scotland with a view to informing policy and practice development at local and national levels.

Publication Date: 
Beth Watts, Janice Blenkinsopp
United Kingdom