The South African Human Rights Commission Investigative Hearing Report: Access to Housing, Local Governance and Service Delivery

This report stems from a decision taken from a public hearing hosted by South African Human Rights Commission Investigative Hearing to more fully understand the challenges facing both state institutions and communities alike, with a view of making practical recommendations to enhance the ability of the state to efficiently deliver housing opportunities. A number of state respondents and interested stakeholders viewed as key role players in the delivery of housing and basic services were identified and appeared before the SAHRC hearing panel to provide submissions and answer questions that arose.

This report draws from the submissions provided as well as from the legal and regulatory framework governing housing and local service delivery in general. It aims to provide insight into the complex and inter-related challenges of housing and homelessness. The inquiry found that current housing policies and programs fail to take into account the needs of a variety of people and although mechanisms are available for ensuring that even the most destitute of individuals are accommodated, their needs are not adequately addressed. 

Publication Date: 
South African Human Rights Commission
South Africa