Sex Work Laws & HIV Prevention Failing Youth: Early Sex Work Linked to Police Arrest & HIV

The media and public often say that many migrant and new immigrant or indoor sex workers started sex work before age 18, despite evidence to the contrary. We actually know little about women who start sex work before age 18, and whether this increases HIV risk and arrest when they become adults.

The Gender & Sexual Health Initiative (GSHI) research team drew upon data from interviews with 508 adult sex workers in Metro Vancouver, BC from 2010-2011. This project is part of an ongoing study on working conditions, health and safety in the sex industry led by GSHI/BCCfE and UBC, in collaboration with a range of community partners. The project is part of AESHA (An Evaluation of Sex Workers Health Access) cohort, including outreach to street, indoor and online sex work venues (by experiential and non-experiential team) and ongoing follow-up.

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