Registry Week Toolkit

This toolkit has been prepared to assist Australian organisations interested in implementing a ‘Registry Week’ within their community. Registry Weeks use a specific methodology and an evidence-based tool (the Vulnerability Index – Service Prioritisation Decision Assistance Tool, or VI-SPDAT) to understand who is homeless and what their health and housing needs are. Registry Weeks are collaborative efforts in a community to end street and episodic homelessness. Communities are encouraged to run a broader campaign to help increase the supply of permanent housing and support options and are invited to join the national campaign – Advance to Zero (see Section 5 on Advance to Zero).

This toolkit sets out background information about Registry Weeks, the overarching strategies and principles for ending homelessness applied in a local Registry Week campaign, as well as information, methodology and practical tips and tools for planning a Registry Week – a key task that can help your community to implement a local campaign to end homelessness.

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Mercy Foundation
Australian Alliance to End Homelessness
Micah Projects