Panel on Welfare Services: Updated background brief prepared by the Legislative Council Secretariat on Services for Street Sleepers

This paper summarizes past discussion at meetings of the Council and its committees on the support services for street sleepers.

At present, the Social Welfare Department ("SWD") has been subventing three non-governmental organizations ("NGOs"), namely the Salvation Army, St James' Settlement and the Christian Concern for the Homeless Association ("CCHA"), to each operate an Integrated Services Team for Street Sleepers ("IST"). A package of integrated services includes outreaching visits (including midnight outreaching), counselling and group activities, personal care such as bathing, hair-cutting, employment guidance, escorting, emergency relief fund ("ERF"), emergency shelter/hostel placement, as well as the service referrals, and is aimed at helping street sleepers give up street sleeping and re-integrate into the community.

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Legislative Council of Hong Kong
Legislative Council of Hong Kong
Hong Kong S.A.R., China