India Homeless Resource Network

The India Homeless Resource Network (IHRN) is an open-access consortium between Centre for Equity Studies, Centre for Policy Research, The Banyan, Institute of Development Studies in Jaipur and Koshish-Tata Institute of Social Sciences that curates research on areas of urban homelessness that are absent or marginal in social policy, such as:

  • physical and mental health burdens and access to health care
  • livelihood in the informal economy
  • gender based abuse and violence
  • legal reforms
  • national shelter policy
  • access to the social protection system

The goal of the network is to produce, curate and disseminate knowledge that may generate solutions among researchers, policymakers and the general public on addressing vulnerabilities homeless people in this country face to chronic and death-inducing poverty. The network curates research, policy analysis and documents, articles and visual media on the above-mentioned themes from each organization in the network as well as from other researchers, institutions and universities.  

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