Immigration and Homelessness

Migrant homelessness has become increasingly visible in some parts of the EU in recent years and was the subject of a European conference in 2002, with FEANTSA publishing a research review on the issue by Edgar in 2004. Since the 2004 review, evidence of undocumented migrants among people living rough throughout Europe has mounted. 

In the West of the EU, recent data on people living rough show what appear to be quite high numbers of economic migrants from the Central and Eastern EU living on the streets and in emergency shelters. Housing exclusion and homelessness also appear to remain prevalent among Roma groups.

This chapter reviews the evidence on the extent and nature of this problem, finding that there are still significant shortfalls in the available data, but arguing that it is nevertheless possible to produce a broad typology of migrant homelessness in the EU.

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Homelessness Research in Europe