Housing and Homelessness in Ontario

In March 2017, Vox Pop Labs, in consultation with the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness, conducted a study to understand public opinion regarding homelessness and housing in the Golden Horseshoe area. The study was fielded to Vox Pop Labs’ proprietary research panel; nearly 1,000 validated responses were collected between April 24 and April 27, 2017. The data was both pre- and post-stratified to ensure that the results discussed in this report were representative of the Ontario population.

There is clear support for recent measures targeted at the housing market in the Golden Horseshoe area that includes and surrounds Toronto. A majority of Ontarians feel that rising house prices were negative for residents. Regarding the policies themselves, over three times as many Ontarians support the recent measures as the number who oppose them. The tax on non-Canadian residents purchasing real estate in the area is supported by over 85% of Ontarians, while rent controls are also supported by over 80% of Ontarians. Interestingly, for both policies, there is little variation between those who live in the Golden Horseshoe compared to those who live outside of it.

There is very strong support for creating a legal obligation to prevent homelessness among those living in Canada. This support is most strongly felt amongst women, youth and Ontarians with lower incomes. Most Ontarians also agree that the Ontario government should make preventing homelessness a higher priority.

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Vox Pop Labs