Hardiness and homelessness: A strengths-based perspective of service use by veterans who are homeless

The purpose of this study was to expand the current knowledge base regarding the use of assistance services by veterans who are homeless. Informed by existing gaps in the scientific literature, it recruited a systematic sample from a low-demand urban shelter and applied a strengths-based perspective by evaluating whether the personality construct of hardiness predicted utilization of assistance services. It also utilized a group of non-veteran homeless men to serve as a comparison group on key variables including demographic characteristics, hardiness, service utilization, mental and physical health functioning, and history of substance abuse problems. Framed within the Behavioral Model of Health Services Use, multiple linear regression was used to evaluate if hardiness predicted the use of five distinct assistance service sectors by veterans who are homeless. It was also used to determine if veteran status predicted higher levels of hardiness.

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ProQuest Dissertations Publishing
United States